The best supply chains have all been developed from a position of superior knowledge. To plan and execute the optimum supply chain you need to map out the complete environment within which it must exist.


When Needs, Markets, Supply Models and Capabilities are mapped they need to be analysed to understand the potential opportunities, benefits and risks, and the capabilities required to deliver them.


Supply Chain transformation is the delivery of the benefits identified. It can be a sequence of small tactical steps, or a more structural and strategic change to deliver optimum performance.


Automating the Order/Receive/Pay cycle not only removes unproductive effort, but used well it can improve control and provide excellent management information to support management operationally.

Great supply chains……

homepage imageOptimising your supply chain can transform your business. Many people think of improvements in supply chain as being exclusively focused on cost reduction, but leading businesses understand that it can also deliver step changes in operational efficiency, customer satisfaction and new product development.

Prestige Purchasing help Foodservice and Hospitality businesses develop excellent supply chains. We do this for every type and size of organisation by applying the very best professional techniques with our clients. We are different because we earn our money only from our clients and are therefore truly independent. There is no hidden agenda, we work for you 100% of the time. And we recognise that the way in which your supply chain delivers Quality, Availability and Innovation are every bit as critical as the management of Cost.

Our approach is to enable and supplement our client’s capability, rather than replace it. Our experience has shown that by applying knowledge and best in class skills and processes on an individual basis to each of our client’s supply chains, we can create a better result than simply applying purchasing power through aggregation.

Our services provide a blend of consulting, market insight and technology that can be mixed and matched to suit every business need. We aim to provide a straightforward, honest and open approach with the minimum of jargon and the highest quality end results.

In summary, our team are dedicated to becoming the UK’s leading source of supply market and supply chain information, insight and expertise for Foodservice and Hospitality businesses.