About us

Welcome to Prestige Purchasing. Since 1998 we have built our business into a major presence in Supply Chain Consulting for the Foodservice and Hospitality sectors.

We have done this by listening hard to the needs of our clients, and then delivering innovative solutions utilising the very best professional techniques with our clients. We are different because we earn our money only from our clients and are therefore truly independent. There is no hidden agenda, we work for you 100% of the time. And we recognise that the way in which your supply chain delivers Quality, Availability and Innovation are every bit as critical as the management of Cost.

Our approach is to enable and supplement our client’s capability, rather than replace it. Our experience has shown that by applying knowledge and best in class skills and processes on an individual basis to each of our client’s supply chains, we can create a better result than simply applying purchasing power through aggregation. We are a true niche player, working hard to deliver what our Purchasing and Supply Chain customers really want. Almost all of our work is carried out in the Foodservice and Hospitality sectors, so we specialise in supporting multi-outlet businesses who have Food and Beverage as a key part of their spend profile.

No matter the scale of your business you should therefore be able to find a service suitable to your needs. And if you don’t then please do still give me a call!

David Read

Chief Executive